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oh hey, that's me

Public Relations and Marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology/services industry, the state park system, and hospitality. Skilled in Social Media, website design, media writing, branding, SEO, and graphic design. Bachelor's degree in Public Relations (minors in Marketing and Social Media Marketing) and a Master's Degree on the way from The University of Memphis. 

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My Story

Every since I was a kid, I talked to strangers. 

Woah, what?? Yep. Much to the chagrin of my parents, "stranger danger" wasn't in my vocabulary growing up. Carrying on a conversation with strangers in the elevator, with the server at a restaurant or the librarian as I checked out VHS tapes and Magic Tree House books at the Memphis Public Library, I was always finding myself talking to people. 

When I was in 4th grade, I went to my first audition for a local musical. After a botched rendition of "If I Only Had A Brain" from The Wizard of Oz, I somehow landed a part. After that production, I went on to do theatre for ten years. Eventually, I started directing, teaching, and learning how to run a non-profit children's theatre. I started to mentor kids, talk to strangers about my passion, and master the skill of storytelling. This is where I started to get into graphic design. 

I designed musical posters, postcards, countless social media graphics, tickets, audition notices. My designs were seen by over eight thousand people.

I took up photography. I did 50 photoshoots that year.

I took up YouTube. Garnered 150 subs in one month. 

I took up writing. Had to get a new computer because I ran out of space. 

When I got into college and wasn't sure of what I wanted to do, my advisor suggested Public Relations. I had never heard of PR, but it seemed totally up my alley. Boy, was she right! I learned that all my previous hobbies were leading up to this. I started graphic designing again, taking pictures, editing videos, writing non-stop, talking to strangers, telling stories. It was a natural fit. 

In 2019, I got an internship at a local technology and staffing company, ProTech Services Group. The marketing director was going on maternity leave and she needed a temporary replacement. After six months of proven success, I got a promotion to full Marketing Manager. I was able to learn how the private sector operated; marketing this unique industry was a welcomed challenge. 

In my senior year of college, I gained an internship at Tennessee State Parks (specifically with their magazine, The Tennessee Conservationist. My curiosity leads me to the most magical places. I'm a huge national and state parks enthusiast (they've allowed for so much personal healing amidst my own grief). Therefore, I wanted to see how the state park system operates and how marketing a park is different from marketing a service. I was blown away by the passion and drive the state park workers have. All of them are just like me, from their hiking boots to their camelbacks! I was honored to lend my expertise to their industry and make a real difference in Tennessee. 

In August 2022, I graduated with a bachelor's in Public Relations. Later that month, I started a master's program in Journalism and Strategic Media, and I am now a graduate student! These days, I'm taking classes to sharpen my craft, dedicate myself to academic research, and get the opportunity to teach courses through a graduate assistantship program. 

In my free time, I operate my late brother's non-profit, The PEYitforward Foundation. I hike, spend time with family, friends, and fur babies, and sing every waking second. 


That's my story. I'm still writing it with bated breath. I've been honored to meet many people and see beautiful places along the way. It's the good life! Saluti!

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