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Over the past years, I've had some awesome success stories. Please read an overview and check out my campaigns, critical analyses, and strategic planning efforts


The PEYitforward Foundation is a non-profit organization in Memphis that fosters education, ministers to grieving families, and promotes kindness in the 901 and beyond. When the organization was put in my care, I decided to rebrand the 501 (c)(3) with a whole new look and name. The response was fantastic. Social media tripled engagement and followers, website traffic went up 80% percent each month, and brand awareness and reputation was stronger than ever.

PSGI white.png

ProTech Services Group is a multi-million dollar corporation headquartered in Memphis with operations in Jackson and Nashville, Tennessee as well. ProTech has been an IT company for decades (known as ProTech Systems.) However, now the company provides professional services such as IT support, staffing, talent acquisition, and crisis management technology. When I hopped on board this freight train, I pioneered a strategy to solve their big problem: "how do we re-brand ourselves from solely an IT company to an actual professional services company?" With my help, the company saw an increase in sales, not just in technology, but all services equalizing as one brand. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company managed to make money and keep its head above water in part to my crisis management and marketing communication strategies. For which have doubled in my tenure. In addition to this, in 2022, I have been running a very successful 30th-anniversary campaign. Check that out here.

white blue 4.png

I love food. There I said it. So, when Blue 4 Eats - a new Memphis food truck - approached me, I convinced them that with my help they could be all that AND a bag of chips. In three months, I gained them 841 followers on Instagram and 300 likes on Facebook. I increased engagement by 900%, earned them media coverage in Choose901, and increased truck sales by 65%. I facilitated event bookings, improved their photography efforts, and frequently engaged in two-way communication on social plateforms. 

mmw inverted logo.png

I have never run an Etsy shop, but I have for sure shopped on Etsy. So, when Magic Maker Workshop, a new makers space specializing in Glowforge wood creations came to me, I was stoked to challenge myself. Turns out, Etsy is a vast landscape for thriving artists. When I joined this magical team, sales were abysmal. Nonetheless, through my social media efforts, sales have doubled and social media engagement is higher than most other competing brands. With Twitter impressions on average being 150,000 a week, I would count this as a magical success.

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