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While I love working in a corporate setting, I equally adore academic research. Scroll down to view my research areas of interest and the conferences I've presented my research at.

RESEARCH Interests

Media effects on criminal justice, cultural and social change, media framing, visual communication, body image/eating disorder narratives in the media. 


AEJMC Southeast Colloquium
Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Accepted and presented research: 

Abstract: Pervis Payne is an intellectually disabled Black man who was on death row for more than 30 years after being convicted of murder in Tennessee. The Innocence Project launched a social media campaign in 2020, using the hashtag #freepervispayne, and after over a year of fighting, Payne was given commutation. This study used textual analysis to examine the discourse around Payne's case and found five themes: perceived innocence, systemic corruption, racism, urgency, and apparent slacktivism.

Research-in-progress paper: "Eliza Fletcher: The Media Framing of a Fatal Abduction in Memphis, Tennessee
Accepted into online news division 

Research-in-progress paper: "The Simplification of Brand Logo Design and Typography from 2012 to 2022"
Accepted into visual communication division  

Research-in-progress paper: "My ED Story: The Narrative of Bulimia Nervosa in YouTube Videos by Male Content Creators"
Accepted into community journalism division  

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