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** this campaign is ongoing


thirty years of innovation: Protech celebrates the big three-o!

ProTech was founded in 1992, in a world captivated by a new-fangled technology called "the world wide web." After thirty years of continual adaptation with every new technological evolution, an economic downturn, cybersecurity trends, and a global pandemic, ProTech was ready to celebrate in style. 

While this campaign is still in its first quarter, ProTech will put forth integrated efforts through social media, events, non-profit work, media relations, and website rebranding. 

My first order of business was to create a new logo for the 30th anniversary, a slogan, new email signatures, and new business cards for the exec team; incorporating QR codes for easy access to their LinkedIn profiles at networking events.

We will host an internal company event in Q2, a scaled prospect event in Q3, and a larger-than-average client appreciation luncheon in Q4. 

See below my branding efforts. This page will update throughout 2022. 

Get social with ProTech:

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** this campaign is ongoing

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